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Comet jingle

2/8/2001 9:05 PM
Sonic Bloom
Comet jingle
More neuron wasting detritis from my childhood:  
Alternate Comet cleanser jingle:  
Comet - it tastes like gasoline!  
Comet - it turns your mouth all green!  
Comet - it makes your vomit  
So buy come Comet, and vomit, today!  
True story:  
When I was in early grade school in Waldwick, New Jersey, I went to an old semi-dilapidated brick school building that didn't have a proper cafeteria. Instead, they used the basement as a makeshift (and rather grim) lunchroom. They only provided milk, so we had to bring our own lunches every day. We sat on benches in front of long tables, picnic style. Nothing absorbed any sound down there, so there was quite a din until teachers told us to shut up. Between lunch shifts, they would clean the tables with Comet powder, but often they would fail to rinse the stuff off properly. We would be forced to eat on surfaces that had the tactile quality of chalkboard and which gave off that awful, nostril corroding Comet odor. Not conducive to good digestion!  
This, in retrospect, was an early lesson in how our society tends to treat its children.
And now, a word from our sponsors:

2/9/2001 12:20 AM
reminded me of.....
When I was in 7th grade, or maybe 8th grade science class. We did lots of experiments with acids, fire and alka seltzer. There was a kid, once a month that would do this I SWEAR. Happened several times over the course of the semester.  
We would have to ground up the alka seltzer for the experiments, and some dumbass would always cut one into a line of coke, and then snort it. It was always the best waiting for the screams of pain and the snorting trying to get that bubbling mess out of their nose.  
god, the good days.  
ps, also glad this is a science related post and not english, think my spelling is going downhill.

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