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Chaotic lead dress (warning-two rock content) long

2/4/2001 11:01 AM
Chaotic lead dress (warning-two rock content) long
Has anyone experienced the apparent benefits of chaotic lead dress?  
I've still got the 1st amp I made - big gal chassis (24" by 10" by 3") - I stuck it in a cobbled up pine box so it wouldn't try and kill people. I chopped and changed it, adding this and deleting that 'till I was happy with it. Now it has exactly the same components as the amps I currently make and is topologically identical as well (same transformers, tubes, everything). But it sounds different. Not better, definitely not worse, just different.  
It's internal wiring is an absolute nightmare, a total embarassment. I had a lot of problems with parasitic oscillation (as you do ;)) so I bent wires here there and everywhere to get around it. I did not resort to snubbers and shunts to get rid of the parasites.  
Given the seemingly incalculable variables introduced by the "birdsnest" I can't exactly duplicate the tone of this amp - unless I duplicate the birdsnest...  
I was brought up by a mother who always told me to wear clean undies when I went out ("just in case!") and my 1st boss's motto was "if it doesn't look any good then it isn't any good". So given my neurosis there's no way I'm going to make and sell an amp that's wired chaotically. But the idea still intrigues me.  
Now as a hypothesis - is this what the Two Rock guys are trying to do?  
I found the recent TR topics pretty funny at first, then I found them quite sad. This is not intended to be like those so Please don't pontificate about how you think things should or shouldn't be. But if you've experienced the benefits of chaos in wiring I'd be interested to hear about it.  
Thanks heaps,  
PeteR :)
2/4/2001 2:09 PM
Dai Hirokawa

There's some stuff on this on Gil Ayan's site. Check it out:  
Dai Hirokawa

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