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Re: Two Rock MP3s

2/1/2001 9:17 PM
Re: Two Rock MP3s
Are those 11 sound files at the two-rock site or somewhere else? If they are somewhere else could you please re-post or E-mail me with the site?  
2/1/2001 10:57 PM
Steve Snider

The link is  
Beware, mine are tracks 6-11 and judging by the general response here you may want to skip them. I recorded a cd of sample tones and because of running out of time and thinking that the general knowledge was the Two Rock nails the Ford tones, I did not do that sound on my lo fi(recorded on a track cassette deck ) cd. It was made up of higher gain tones, clean tones and one track sounds similar to the A channel of the Guytron amp, that would be clip 8.The first 6 are a selection of Kimock live stuff, Ilike those, others don't.I know that the clips do not do the amp justice and there will be a few added to demo some of the Ford/Carlton type tones.I dont really care what everyone here thinks at this point having played plenty of Dumbles,Clones like Bruno super 100 and Fuchs ODS, the fact is the Two Rock sounds great.  
2/1/2001 11:27 PM
Please excuse my ignorance, but I looked all over the two rock site and couldn't find your 11 samples. I saw 2 at indoor storm and 9 from Lenny? CD. Any suggestions. What am I missing?  
2/2/2001 12:05 AM

Here they are:
2/2/2001 12:06 AM
Steve,I bet you thought that all the other amps you've owned sounded great when you bought them too,huh?
2/2/2001 1:15 AM
Steve Snider

Not at all. I have owned over 50 in the last two years . I could give you a nice fat list of amps I did not care for and got rid of very quickly. I have been playing Two Rocks since July of '99 and have yet to find anything I like better. The Bruno Super 100 as an example was a nice amp but next to the Two Rock, paled in comparison. THere are many amps I do love though and have owned lots of them. Whats your point???  
2/2/2001 10:39 PM
Sonic Bloom
Serious case of G.A.S.?
"Whats your point???"
Maybe he was wondering if you've been suffering from a chronic case of Gear Acquisition Syndrome (G.A.S.). You have to admit -- 50 amps in two years is an awful lot of amps, isn't it?  
Did you BUY 50 amps in the last 2 years? If so, then that works out to nearly one amp every two weeks. Even if you already owned half of those 50 amps starting 2 years ago, that would give a purchase rate of about 1 amp per month, which is still impressive. Also, we're not talking here about Pro Juniors and Classic 30s, are we? So I would bet most or all of those amps were high-end or boutique. My guess is that you may have spent easily US$75K to US$100K or more for all of those amps.  
How many do you still have? Let's assume you got rid of most of them. (I'd be interested to know what the average length of time is an amp remained in your posession.) Typically, a brand new amp loses at least 25% of its value as soon as it leaves the store. If you bought a new amp for say $1200, it will be hard to get more than $900 for it if you sell it privately, and that's not taking into account commissions. So I calculate you could easily have lost $12K or maybe much more horse-trading all those amps. (Hmmm... $12K...I could buy a Dumble for that!)  
I know, I know.. it's none of my business, it's your money and you have the right to spend it any way you want, especially for something as important as music. I respect that. But, you'd have to admit, your style of extremely active (perhaps bordering on obsessive/compulsive?) trading of very expensive amps is not achievable by most of us mere mortals (at least those of us that would prefer to remain married). It even goes well beyond the typical activities of we G.A.S.-afflicted guitarists. (My particular addiction is overdrive pedals.)  
One more much as you seem to be completely happy with your Two-Rocks, I'd imagine you must have also experienced a great deal of disappointment over the past two years. I know for myself, I hate spending a lot of money on something only to find out that it doesn't deliver on its promise.  
So, finally, I'm curious, with the benefit of experiencing owning all of these amps, what is your list of the top 5 best amps of all time?

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