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users MESA studio.22-HELP!

2/1/2001 7:11 PM
users MESA studio.22-HELP!
I have MESA BOOGIE combo STUDIO .22.  
I use couple of pedals. Distortion,chorus, delay, wah, tremolo...  
Have enbody of you some experiences with effect loop on this combo?  
When I put in the loop my distortion(Marshall Bluesbreaker I) it squeals and oscillates as hell...  
I want to have all of my effects in effect loop.  
Is this possible?  
Maybe I must build (external)control for volume of effectsloop send...  
Combo at all sounds good, but I miss the option of INDEPENDENT SETTING of CLEAN and CRUNCH(or dirty) chanell.  
Knows anybody how can I make this mod?  
If yes, this combo will be more versatile for me.  
Any tips?  

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