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Chassis, pots and turret board recommendations

1/29/2001 11:15 PM
anonymous Chassis, pots and turret board recommendations
Hi all,  
I would like to build an amp for prototyping but would like some recommendations:  
- I was considering using the aluminum Hoffman has for sale. Any others chassis you would recommend? I need one with lots of space in it.  
- How do you make holes for the tubes, controls, etc.?  
- Where can I get Claristat (sp?) pots?  
- I have built my last amps with fiber eyelet boards. How do turrets board work? Do you put the parts into the hole or do they wrap around the post? Where is a good source for boards?  
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1/30/2001 2:21 AM

Randall Aiken sells sealed Clarostat pots for a good price.  
1/30/2001 4:23 AM

i built a 50 W plexi circuit on the hoffman chassis. its a great chassis, very spacious and sturdy.  
the holes have to go in by drilling, almost impossible if you dont have access to a drill press IMO. for locating holes, i laid all the components out on posterboard, then made a drilling template. the chassis is .1" aluminum, so drilling isnt too difficult. for the big tube holes i bought those big flat bits meant for drilling big holes in wood. they were cheap and worked really well.  
good luck!  
1/30/2001 4:19 PM
Anybody have experiences with using punches? I have heard about using these but have no idea how they work or how much they cost. How does this compare to drilling holes?
1/30/2001 4:43 PM

They are at least $ 30.00 for a good one for a 1/2" hole, and the prices go up as the holes get bigger. I haven't bought any, because they don't seem economical for a homebuilder / hobbyist. The advantage would seem to be consistent, burr-free holes. If you're making just one amp for yourself, you could spend the extra time it would take to make your holes nice and clean after drilling them.  

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