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Anyone see the circuit board posted on AGA?

1/19/2001 12:30 PM
Jack A. Zucker
Anyone see the circuit board posted on AGA?
It looked really bad. I don't know if it was a joke or not but I downloaded the picture if anyone wants to see it...  
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1/19/2001 2:13 PM
Bob D

I played a two-rock and think its a nice amp but i'm not really into its high gain capabilities. I still like the alessandro english. I've also trie a Komet and really like it but its overly powerful for my applications. Well just MHO.  
1/19/2001 5:33 PM
Dave K

Please send me the picture!My ISP filtered this out of AGA,I'd really like to see it.  
Dave K
1/19/2001 6:31 PM
Dean Hazelwanter

1/19/2001 8:31 PM

me too
1/19/2001 9:18 PM
Dave Paetow

While you are at it, me too!
1/19/2001 9:30 PM
Dave K

After looking at these pics,I'd say the build quality is about Torres level or worse.I can't believe they're asking $4000+ for this....  
Dave K

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