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Anyone remember where the Smokey schematic was?

1/15/2001 2:54 AM
Chris B
Anyone remember where the Smokey schematic was?
I don't remember where the schematic was, but I'm sure somebody here on Ampage can help. I've also found that Alkaline batteries work best.  
Chris B
1/15/2001 5:37 AM

.. I THINK the schematic is sitting in your e-mail box as we speak ;) enjoy ;)  
As a side note, National Semiconductor sometimes gives out samples of their chips ;) if not, they are like $0.30 each from Mouser, and like $1 from RadioShack
1/15/2001 11:36 AM

I'm interested in the Smokey amp too! Can u mail the schematic to me please?
1/15/2001 12:54 PM
link !  
1/15/2001 1:57 PM
Chris B

I'm glad to see that someone posted the link again. Rebel e-mailed me the schematic, which I was going to e-mail to Distortionfreak, but he has no e-mail listed!  
Chris B
1/15/2001 7:12 PM

I did post this link in an earlier thread but that was gone due to some site-updating according to Tboy .  
download this , I still got to make a menu for my homepage ........  

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