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Highest Quality Polypropylene Caps?

1/13/2001 6:42 PM
Highest Quality Polypropylene Caps?
Currently use Mallory 150 metal polyester. Which are the nicest Polypropylene caps? Just looking for opinions here.  
Jason C. Arthur
1/13/2001 7:57 PM

with polypros the mecanical construction seems to be the differences to me. How thin a Dielectic film used and how well the leads are connected. Try solens SBE etc.
1/14/2001 4:09 AM
Jim S.

I don't know about hi-fi, but for guitar amp applications, the SBE series 715P and 716P orange drops (polypropylene film and foil construction - NOT metallized) are excellent caps. I use them all the time. They are LARGE, however, so they may not always fit on a cramped circuit board.
1/14/2001 5:35 PM

What do you think is wrong with the metalized ones Jim?  
I assume you mean something like the Xicon metalized polypropylene radial caps?  

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