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Re: Post PI Master Volume

1/13/2001 2:43 PM
Re: Post PI Master Volume
thank you for your help, i successfully soldered in the MV last night, and it works fine. I have not yet got to try it out on my 4x12 at practice, thatll be the judge if i need to mod the MV circuit.  
As far as fine tuning it goes, my current line of capcomponents is this:  
.022 cap -> side of 1 meg DualG pot -> wiper -> 33k res. -> .1 cap  
How will changing these components change the overall sound (esp bass response). It also sounded to me running through a 1x12 cab that i didnt have quite the same volume level dimed as i would have before, is this my imagination? thanks for the help!  
mike z
1/13/2001 3:39 PM

With the MV up all the way the two caps, .022uF and  
.1uF, are in series with an effective capacitance of .018uF.  
Thats not too far off from .022uF.  
But, Try a .033uF or .047uF from the PI/driver.  
I don't know if, in your amp, the added MV pots change anything.  
There will be a small amount of signal loss but with the pots dimed and the preamp stages up, I can't see any reason why the amp would sound any less loud.  
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