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Re: Cathode Bypass cap

1/11/2001 4:38 AM
Re: Cathode Bypass cap
Thanks for the kind words RJ! I thought that that was a pretty good sounding amp too, especially after unmodding those minor Torres/Webber tweaks, which always sound over the top to me.  
By the way, I'm sending your Deluxe Reverb back on Friday, but if I can get out of the shop, I'll send it on Thursday.  
It's all ready to go too and I hope you like the new tone of the two channels set up this way plus you have vibrato and reverb on both channels now.  
So, you can use a Y-cord and run them both at the same time for extra grunt in the top end or the bottom.. your choice, because you can set one channel bright, one fat, one louder... etc.  
Thanks for waiting until after the holidays!  
1/11/2001 4:54 AM
Steve A.
Reverb on both channels
    Can you elaborate on how you hooked up reverb and vibrato to both channels? There was a thread here recently that suggested using a shared plate resistor and coupling cap for the second stages of each preamp. Or did each channel have its own plate resistor and its own coupling cap which went to the 3M3/10pF reverb splitter?  
    As for the 220k resistor between the 0.1uF coupling cap from the predriver stage and the 0.001uF cap going into the PI... did you leave it, remove it, or replace it with a different value? Just wondering... (I know that you probably tweaked all of these values a bit but I was wondering if you could share your basic game plan with us.)  
Steve Ahola
1/11/2001 5:36 AM

I did RJ's the Kevin O'Conner way, tweed mixer-common anode..whatever it's called now.... with the 220K reduced to 120K.  

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