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Sound Electronics Corp.???

12/30/2000 9:12 PM
Sound Electronics Corp.???
I have a "Sound X305R" old tube amp that I love. The only problem is that I can't find anything out about it. I don't know what year it's from, what happened to the company, or if it's valuble (although I couldn't part with it even if it was). It's incredible sounding for surf music. It has built in tremlo and reverb you could swim in. It also has two channels. If anyone knows anything about it or has any ideas on how I can find out, please let me know. I can also send picture to anyone if that would help. Thanks.
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12/31/2000 6:53 PM
andyf fuchs

Allow me to share another Long Island amp maker story: Sound amps were made in Mineola Long Island by a John Dougherty (sp ?), a former AMpeg employee, who later went on to run Marlboro amps, made by MICA (Musical Instrument Corporation of America), in Syosett. They were the original Peavey of their day, making transistor amps from single 6" practce amps, up to 2 X 12 combos. They used transformer driven transistor amps, which actually sounded tolerable.  
The Sound amps were pretty well made, sometimes had no NFB, and used similar circuits to AMpeg and Oliver stuff (the DNA didn't fall far from their tree). Using 6EU7's and 7591s, 7868's and so forth.  
John also invented and patented the Quadra-Sound Blender, an outboard effect (later ripped off by Diaz), which combined tremelo, vibrato and reverb, to produce a couple of unique surf-like effects.  
I wonder what happen to John ?....

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