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Re: Research "The Carmack Amendment"

12/1/2000 2:13 PM
Re: Research "The Carmack Amendment"
We are very sorry for the delay...The machine that automatically drops and crushes your parcels is broken so we've had to break all the packages by hand. :D  
I've seen UPS drop a hardwood Boogie violently enough to rip the finger joints apart! They dropped a Gibson GA-20 so hard that the bolts holding the chassis in the cabinet tore COMPLETELY OUT OF THE PLYWOOD!  
There have been a few headstocks broken off, holes punched through layers of packing material-and through the guitar body as well. The mangled hardshell case comes through often enough.  
PS -ALWAYS remove tubes and carefully wrap separately, unless you want an amp to arrive with millions of glittery glass bits spread throughout!
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12/1/2000 4:17 PM
Carl S.
Glittery glass bits
Your comment about millions of glittery glass bits brought back the anger I felt when after a month of nagging I finally got the BF Princeton "head" from a seller on ebay a few years ago. (A really poor homemade cabinet covered with carpet housing the chassis and reverb tank.  
The bonehead just put the amp in the box, which was too big, and sent it. The only tubes that survived were the preamp ones inside shields. Several knobs were smashed as well. And, the chassis is now a DEE-luxe concave front model.  
This one was the post office's bungle, and they would not make good on the insurance claim due to poor packing. I really can't say that I blame them.  
Anyway, just sharing pain.  
It turns out that the circuitry was completely stock and never touched so it ended fairly well.

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