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Re: Bandmaster vs Super reverb vs Pro Reverb

11/26/2000 1:05 AM
Re: Bandmaster vs Super reverb vs Pro Reverb
I would get the Pro reverb. Under the circumstances you describe with the 2-10's and all I would liken the sound to the Vibrolux reverb who some say sounds like the SR without the weight. I have checked the circuits on the Pro and Vibrolux and they are exactly the same except for the 10" verses 12" speakers. There are many out there that claim the Pro Reverb is the unsung hero of tone. One thing for sure there aren't many of them for sale. I can't say anything about the bandmaster reverbs as I have never heard or had one but I have the original blackface bandmasters and I have found them to be lacking in punch and hard to push over the edge. They do however sound good with a pre-amp hooked to them. I have used a digitech 2112 with mine and have gotten a great sound. If you are looking for that ultimate blues tone with a minimum of pedals I recommend the Deluxe reverb of the Super Reverb. Those are my main 2 amps along with a modified Vibrolux reverb (Steve A. cool mod). I would go for the Pro.  

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