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MESA studio 22 combo help

11/22/2000 2:46 PM
MESA studio 22 combo help
I heve MESA studio 22 combo .  
Ięm happy to have this.  
But it have two problems.  
It doesnęt have DRIVE LEVEL CONTROL(I donęt have  
the PLUS model), but I WANT IT.  
Is possible make it upgrade to this?  
2. FX loop.- When I plugged into this my BLUESBREAKER pedal, it screams and oscillates.  
When I plugged it after the guitar-before preamp-sound good. My Boss DS2 sound good in both places.  
But I want to get BLUESBREAKER on to FX loop, because of the Tone controls of Mesa preamp-it is setted for the clean sound(bright sound) and cutoff the bottom of distorted sound. May I fix this problem?  
Please help  

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