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Re: Bogner Shiva Combo

11/21/2000 8:01 PM
Re: Bogner Shiva Combo
They are nice sounding amps, but way over priced considering their PCB construction and board mounted pots and tubes.
11/22/2000 7:04 AM
Steve Snider

Way overpriced??? I don't think so. Compared to what?? I think if you want a nice fat reverb laden clean tone and a huge sounding lead channel with boost function and a nice lower mid emphasis, this is a good amp and worth the money. I have owned both the EL34 and 6L6 models and I really like the tones and dynamics as well as a nice dual reverb and two really good channels. The PCB thing doesn't bother me as all the Bogners I have owned have been reliable as any PTP amp. I have gigged with an Ecstasy a bunch and never had a single problem with any of them. Shiva was the same. I have taken some in on trade and purchased other Shivas used over the years and I love them. Yep a good old PTP Marshall will bark better, but is more limited and the Shiva can do both Fender type and Marshall type sounds very well AT ANY VOLUME. Shiva is worth the $$ as much as any other amp in it's price range. There are lots of good ones in the $1500-$2000 range.
11/22/2000 4:54 PM
Jim S.

I've heard that the Shiva's lead channel is quite reminiscent of a Dumble ODS. Would you agree with this, or is it really a different animal?
11/22/2000 5:20 PM
Steve Snider

Interesting. I found it capable of getting some Dumble type tones but not really in the ballpark. I do some work for Two Rock and among the Dumble clones I have had- Bruno, Fuchs and Two Rocks, the Two Rocks built in the last few months do a better job than the others of capturing the Dumble clean and lead but still has it's own voice, as do the Shivas. I have a couple customers who were after the Robben Ford lead tones and I had all the various clones to compare to and the Shiva came close but is slightly more compressed and an emphasis on lower mids was appearent. I think the Shiva is a great amp though and although colored with the Bogner voice, I like it. Not as harmonically rich or as touch sensitive as a Dumble or Two Rock but a great amp capable of really nice tones. Negatives: loop could be better, amp loses something when cranked up real loud, heavy.
11/22/2000 4:23 PM
steve m

...PCB construction and board mounted pots and tubes.  
One small correction: the Shiva I saw has pcb mounted preamp tube sockets and chassis mounted hardwired power tube sockets.  
11/23/2000 1:00 AM
Dave Charneski
Only the preamp tubes are PCB-mounted. The pots  
are mounted to the chassis with flying leads  
to the PCB. Also, as most folks know by now,  
the fact that an amp uses PCB or PTP construction  
has nothing to do with its tone or reliability.  
The circuit design, layout and parts quality  
are the determining factors.  

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