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Push pull transformer used as Single ended?

11/18/2000 10:51 PM
Push pull transformer used as Single ended?
I am working on a home brew amp and was wondering can I use a push pull as a single ended transformer ? The transfomer came from a an old stereo that used 6v6's into 8 ohms. I am assuming that I would use the two primarys and not use the center tap. Is this right? Would the output impedence remaning the same ? I am experimenting here, looking for a vintage sound. This transformer is paper wound and was made in 1956. It has no shorts and worked fine in push pull. I have its mate for another project. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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11/19/2000 3:06 AM

In my search for small amp tone, I tried every combination of things I could think up and found that a 30-40 watt PP OT will work in SE as you described with a single 6V6GT.  
The cost was close, compared to a cheap Hammond 125E type OT though.  
You can do want you want with that OT but it doesn't work out so good when you use a 15 watt PP in SE like that!  
I'd just use the OT as is was supposed be used and cathode bias the 6V6 tubes, run them pretty high in current and you'll enjoy that sound just as well.  
11/19/2000 3:49 AM

I am assuming that the problem lies in the fact that a single ended transformer must be able to handle a high constant current situation and therefore a much higher wattage push pull worked for you. It makes sense. I also have an old Bell Carillon single ended Pa amp that I modified for guitar. It uses a 6l6gc . Its outputtransformer is much larger than a Champ's and it has multiple taps. I was trying to replicate its sound in the amp I am building without busting up the old Pa amp. I think I will try the PA's output transformer in the new SE amp and save the Push pull for my tweed deluxe clone. Thanks for your help. Randy

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