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Re: Suggestions for good jazz amp.....

11/18/2000 6:31 AM
Rich Re: Suggestions for good jazz amp.....
Dave, "Hot Bossa" was recorded on the LP's "Soulero" and "Tender Gender", both ca. 1966  
BTW, That machine-tooled Tolex on the Ampegs is way-way cool. I have an old Reverborocket cabinet that came in the horsetrade (for a PC motherboard, 133 Pentium chip, & 32 MB of EDO-Ram, the deal of the Millenium) that also netted me a '62 Bassman...the Rocketbox was minus amp chassis and had what was left of a RatShack speaker in it. It looked absolutely wretched, and must have accumulated several pounds of crud & grime inside & out.  
I scrubbed it clean, tightened it up & stuck an old Altec 12" alnico (PA?) speaker in it. Nice tone for clean styles.  
Under all that grime was the well-preserved patterned Tolex which realy sets off its looks.
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11/18/2000 10:22 PM
Dave Mitchell

Thanks for the info on Hot Bossa. I know what records I'll be looking for. I go to school in Boston and there are tons of record shops around that sell old LP's in Boston and Cambridge.  
I totally agree with the Blue diamond tolex. I play bass through a B15 that has all the looks to go along with the sound. A friend of mine that plays guitar collects Ampegs and has Gemini's, Reverberockets, a rocket and a B12 portaflex. He gets a lot of them from ebay for reasonable money. In my opinion they're the best amps for the money for jazz or rock. He has a bunch of vintage and reissue Fenders that we play next to the ampegs to compare and we always like the Ampegs better(although the fenders are no slouch's either).  
Anything that uses the 7591 tubes seems to sound great.  
Dave Mitchell

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