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Pink Floyd & Bandmaster vs Bassman vs Showman

11/17/2000 1:55 AM
Pink Floyd & Bandmaster vs Bassman vs Showman
At the tender age of 50, I have decided to rekindle a love of my youth - I bought a '57 RI Strat and have started to jam again.  
Just because I think they look cool, I'm thinking I should get a Fender blackface head/cab setup.  
1. Why would I choose a Bandmaster vs Bassman vs Showman, knowing that tone is more important to me than output power?  
2. I am also a fan of the sound David Gilmour gets. What type of amp setup does he usually use?  
Thanks in advance,  
11/17/2000 3:06 AM
Don Symes

If 'tone' to you implies an amp working HARD, pick one of the lower powered ones of these.  
There are also current-production amps and kits you mght consider - Hoffman, Holland, and Mesa are in the vein you mention, Aiken, Dr. Z, M&G, and plenty of others are also worth thinking about.  
Do you have any interest at all in building your own?  
No idea about Mr. Gilmour's rig(s).  
Good luck!
11/17/2000 3:38 AM

Thank you.  
In the time since I posted the questions  
I spoke to an Elect Engr/musician friend and he said much the same - that there may be subtle differences created by the different circuitry in the various models, but that the "tone" comes from overdriving the tubes. Since I don't want to peel paint, the 40W or 50W heads may a better choice for me.  
Yes, building a tube amp is an option. In about 1967-68 I built a Heathkit 60W, solid state amp (reverb, vibrato, 2x12 Jensens) which I used for many years, and still own.  
Thanks again!
11/18/2000 4:08 AM
Lee M.

Hey Bill,  
I built one of those Heathkits in the late 70s. My first attempt at electronics (I'm a mechanical engineer) and it was lots of fun. Have built 3 tube amps in the last 2 years, also lots of fun and sound a lot better.  
I've got a Bandmaster Reverb that I built a 2x10 cabinet for. Didn't really care for the look of that head although I think the non-reverb models look pretty cool.  
I'm over 50 and still jamming (sadly alone) almost daily. Where do you live?  
11/17/2000 3:26 AM

Hey BillBed,  
Dave plays HiWatts. Several of them. He's also got a pedal board a mile wide. He plays his amps LOUD and CLEAN! He mostly relies on the pedals to get his sustain. There is a really good website that lists alot of famous guys' gear. Try a search for "David Gilmour", or e-mail me and I'll try to find the address for you. But, it's definitely a lot to do with the effects. But loud is very important. I am a complete Floyd-o-phile, so any more questions and I'd be glad to answer them. That goes for anyone else, too. Justin
11/17/2000 3:45 AM

Thanks. At the risk of appearing ignorant, what are HiWatts?  
I have loved the Floyd since I first heard "See Emily Play" on early-days FM in Los Angeles. As a result of surviving those days, I have a firm grip on the concept of comfortably numb. BillBed
11/17/2000 5:55 AM

The David Gilmour page someone had refered to is here:  
HOWEVER, the page shows his live rig. For recording, he says he usually used a SILVERFACED Twin Reverb. (I've got this info from MANY articles) The Hiwatts are just used as stage monitors and preamp use , dave always goes into the board for power amplification at concerts.  
An interesting note, The Division Bell was recorded mostly on Daves "Floating Studio" (A yacht converted into a home studio). What did he use for an amp on 99% of the album? A little Fender Princeton Reverb!!!! NO lie! That huge Gilmour tone out of a 1x12 combo!
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