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Crappy sounding amp

11/16/2000 3:36 PM
Chris B
Crappy sounding amp
My Peavey Delta Blues sounds great when clean, crappy when distorted. What gives? It has a kind of high pitched ringing noise when distorted that I don't like. Could that be in the power tubes or the preamp tubes? If so, which would you replace first?  
I've had the amp for about 4 to 5 years and it still has the original tubes. I've been told to put JJ tesla tubes in, but don't have the money for a complete re-tube right now. I have a 12AX7 and a couple of 12AT7s to try in the preamp, but the 12AT7s lower the gain a good bit, which is something I don't want to do. I play mostly single-coil guitars and need the higher gain.  
Chris B
11/16/2000 10:00 PM
Chris B
OK... Don't answer me!
I swear! Lately, getting anyone around here to answer a question is like pulling teeth!  
Chris B
11/16/2000 10:35 PM
Blues Lyne

Yes, they do sound crappy when distorted. I don't have any answer as to why, but I felt bad you not getting and answer and all =^) My guess would be that the preamp tubes would affect it more than the power tubes. The distortion channel is overdriving the preamp tubes or has some solid state distortion thrown in, I'm not sure which. You probably are not pushing it enough to make the power tubes distort.  
11/17/2000 2:24 AM
Chris B

I think that I'll try replacing one tube at a time in the preamp untill I either find a bad tube or get to the power tubes. If that dosen't fix it, I guess I'll either keep it for a clean amp, or sell it and buy that Sunn Model T I've been wanting.  
Chris B
11/17/2000 1:50 PM

4 to 5 years on the tubes is simply a bit ripe. I don't have any idea how much you play, but the tubes in your amp have probably about had it, especially if they're the original stock tubes that came with the amp. A new set of tubes will cost you less than trading for the Sunn head I would think.
11/17/2000 12:01 AM
Ray Ivers

Maybe 6 hours, 24 minutes wasn't quite enough time to wait for a reply. Maybe no one has seen this problem with a Peavey Delta Blues amp before. Maybe the extremely general nature of your question precluded an exact response. Maybe a whole bunch of things. At any rate, it seems to me to be a bad idea to chew out the board for being a little 'slow on the draw' (a lot of different time zones post here) if you want help from it in the future. Looking over the various pages here, it looks like you've gotten a whole lot of help lately, from a whole lot of people (myself included).  
Just my own observations.  
Ray Ivers
11/17/2000 1:50 AM
Chris B
Sorry about that...
Just a little frustrated is all. I need a vacation.  
Chris B

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