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Re: Rackmount tube preamps

11/6/2000 9:10 PM
Paul Honeycutt
Re: Rackmount tube preamps
I've only owned two, A Carvin Quad X and a Kitty Hawk Quattro. The Quattro has some good sounds. Four Channels with shared EQ on the Clean & Crunch and overdrive and Hot Overdrive channels. I especally like the crunch channel for slide playing.  
The Carvin is a "do all" preamp. There are more effects loops then you can shake a stick at. Two stereo and one mono for each channel. It also has a speaker simulation circuit in it. I use it for rehearsal with a multi effects unit straight into the P.A. I've gigged with it that way as well. Neither of these are still made, but they are available used.  
I might be selling the Kitty Hawk if you're interested.
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11/7/2000 10:21 AM

thank you for your opinion. And i thank you for your offer, but it is nearly impossible for me to get the money right now, beceause i've got a new 4x12 cab recently and transport&payment would be also very problematic(at least for me), if you don't live in the Czech Republic, which i suppose you don't.  
PS to everyone else: Please, more opinions!

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