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Re: Here's how you can help us a little more

11/6/2000 1:56 PM
Re: Here's how you can help us a little more
I found 6 out of 10 to have foil on one side and 4 had the foil on the other side. Joe is correct.  
You will need to test each one. Look at the pics of the real SLO and I found that the mallorys have the foil lines indicated on the real pic so that should help us on these PC boards installing the caps we test.  
11/6/2000 2:03 PM
Joe L

I placed a big enough order for caps to be able to build the circuit boards with all my cap labels going the same way with correct polarity! Now I guess we need to start a rumor that the band on the left side caps sound MUCH better than the band being on the right side of the label >:)  
..Joe L
11/6/2000 10:35 PM
Anon Re:Band on the left of the cap sounds better.
Ive been building amps for 100 years and the caps with the band on the left sound the best !!!  
Ceasar G. Torres  
11/6/2000 8:03 PM
Joe L
Real SLO has the PVC Mallorys sdarwkcab
Took a look at the real SLO pictures Mitch and the caps are almost all backwards with respect to connecting the outside foil to the low impedance point. When I get a chance I'll make up a board with the correct polarities and post it in my briefcase area.  
Of course, if you want to make an accurate clone, then you will need to hook them all up per the pics. Personally, I really don't think there will be any difference in tone. That layout is pretty well decoupled.  
..Joe L

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