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Draining electricity in tube amps

11/3/2000 9:35 PM
Draining electricity in tube amps
As someone who's currently reading lots of books and trying to learn about tube amps, I've read numerous warnings about draining electricity in an amp before working on it. Most of them say to connect a jumper wire to the plates of a preamp tube (pin 1 or 6 on 12AX7 types, correct me if I'm wrong) and a power tube (pin 3 on 6L6 type, again, if I'm wrong, let me know) to ground. Now, exactly what is jumper wire? Is it like what you use to connect two car's batteries, just smaller? Also, how do you connect it to the tube pins? I read somewhere that you can use alligator clips and that seems to make sense. Any other words of wisdom are very welcome. Thanks

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