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for a Bluesbreaker RI

10/30/2000 6:59 PM
anonymous for a Bluesbreaker RI
.. I just pulled the trigger on one P12B and one P12S for my Bluesbreaker RI to replace the greenbacks. Since this can be a 'dark' sounding amp, the differences in these speakers (the P12B's more mid focused and the P12S more low focused) should combine for an excellent sound.  
10/30/2000 7:14 PM
Ted Breaux

Several useful points:  
The Celestion alnico blue is a fabulous speaker. You can get them from for $182.00, which I believe actually includes shipping.  
The Weber P12B is a fine speaker, and is better suited for higher power applications where an alnico unit is desired. It carries a higher power rating than the Celestion blue, and gives a better margin of safety for higher wattage apps.  
The RI Marshall Bluesbreaker is not a dark sounding amp. It just sounds dark and muddy as it comes from the factory. The light-magnet Greenbacks just don't work well in open back cabs, and get mushy when the volume is turned up. The Weber P12B and P12S will make an improvement in your BB, but what you really need to do is change the tubes (ALL of them) to Valve Art KT66s, Ei or Tesla preamp tubes, and a Chinese GZ34 (if the amp doesn't have one, which should be clearly labeled as such). The amp badly needs to be rebiased as well. Just this will make a stunning improvement, and will really make those speakers sing. There are other tricks as well which can be done to these, and I've done about a dozen of these amps to make them more like the originals. That is a different subject however, so this should get you started.
10/31/2000 1:59 AM
Ian Anderson

I can't comment on the 'Blues' in a BB, but the G12H-30's I have in mine are a massive improvement over the greenbacks.  
I don't see many people trying them in a BB, but believe me, these things scream in the BB *and* are only 55 per speaker (around $90).  
... Ian :)
10/31/2000 3:13 PM
Lew Collins

I'd love to try some G12H-30's. That'll be the next Celestion I get. Our friend Larry Progreba just bought one Vintage 30 and one G12H30 from Bruce, and he loves that combination. I also like Classic 80's alot for a more Fendery tone that still has that Celestion "chonk"! To me, there's only Celestions, old Jensens and Webers...that's all I like. Lew
10/31/2000 1:25 PM
Bluesbreaker RI notes...
you're preaching to the choir my man. I've already replaced all the tubes with NOS, Ei, JJ/Tesla and the Chinese KT66s. I've tried many different combinations of tubes in the preamp slots. My fav tube in the first preamp slot (V1) has been the NOS Philips Jan 12AX7WA. Nice, warm complexity of tones. The Sovtek LPS is a good tube for high gain tone, but the clean tone is not nearly as complex as the Philips and IMO is not worth the sacrifice of clean tone.  
I really love the KT66s. I like to bias them hotter as well. I love this amp. The speakers were the next thing on my list to update.  
What I haven't done yet is change the OT to a better MM transformer. For now I'm happy to run the impedance selector set one notch high. The amp really seems to come alive when you do this, like going from a mono to a stereo type of quality.  
I also haven't changed the filter caps yet either; I'm afraid of the amp becoming too noisey, and I think the amp has a nice 'feel' to it already.  
I guess what I meant by "dark" in my last post (anonymous) was that it's dark compared to say a 1987 model.  
The biggest surprise about this amp for me has been the outstanding clean strat tone you can get. I love it, of course I love Marshall clean. I bought this amp for use with my Les Paul and I spend most of my time playing my strat! Fabulous! Think Hendrix A.Y.E. clean.  
10/31/2000 3:24 PM
Mike Shaw
Hi Darren! By any chance have you tried a Tungsram preamp tube? Mike
10/31/2000 4:48 PM

>By any chance have you tried a Tungsram preamp >tube?  
No, I can't say that I have. Have you? I'd LIKE to try some expensive NOS like CV4004, Mullards, and such.  
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