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400V, 200mA OK for Bassman?

10/29/2000 3:54 AM
Chris B
400V, 200mA OK for Bassman?
I've been wanting to build an amp with 6L6s and I've got a Bassman OT (2 ohm). I've found a 400V, 200mA tranny with a 5V, 3A and a 6.3V, 5A heater supply. Is this a large enough PT for a Bassman 5F6 style circuit? If not, how big do I need?  
Chris B
10/29/2000 4:02 AM
Jim Jones

Hi Chris,  
I think that should be fine current wise...maybe a little beefy in the voltage department, though. I believe the old Bassman PT's were in the 320-0-320 range.  

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