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Re: Is ground switch unnecessary?

10/28/2000 12:09 AM
Re: Is ground switch unnecessary?
I really think they should be grounded.I did this mod to my two old Super Reverbs after getting my lips "arc welded"to my microphone one night.Also,those foam shields do not insulate very good when they get wet.So beware.....
10/28/2000 7:12 AM
Steve A.

Also,those foam shields do not insulate very good when they get wet.  
    I'm afraid to ask how the microphones got wet... do you play strip joints in Mexico?   ;)    
Steve Ahola
10/28/2000 7:32 AM
Steve's Doctor Sorry folks, Steve's had his shot, now. Won't...
happen again.  
Again, sorry, and you can all go back to what you were doing.:D
10/28/2000 2:30 PM
Here is what we're doing in the group I'm playing with now, and I think it's a decent idea. We have one big monster extension cord with two boxes hung on it, six outlets on each box, with something like 12 gauge wire. Everybody plugs into the same circuit, all the grounds are the same. I haven't been zapped in this band yet. It's also a small outfit, our PA is on the stage.  
If you're playing a bigger venue, then you could bring along a neon circuit checker, and put that baby between the mike ground and your instrument.
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