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sears roebuck amp

10/25/2000 12:14 AM
carl w sears roebuck amp
i bought a sears and roebuck la 45 ,is this amp a bass head or a guitar head?and is it worth anything  
10/25/2000 2:10 AM

im not sure what you have there but i do know sears amps are colloctors items, hang on to it
10/25/2000 7:59 AM

Ha ha ha... where did you hear that Sear's amps are collectors items Scott?  
I would say at best they might be getting collectable but not collectors items!  
Supros, Silvertones and other Valco amps might be getting that status now.  
I'd hang onto it too but for different reasons.  
Mostly, you can never have too much tube gear and although not very powerfull, these are easy to work on, used mostly common tubes plus, when used with a real speaker, can be made to sound great with very little extra work.  
10/25/2000 11:15 AM
Naked Clarke

Didn't Danelectro make a lot of the Sears gear? I have one of those early '60s Silvertone Amp In Case jobs. Pretty fancy rig! :D I saw some of the new Danelectro guitars recently in a local shop and they have not changed much, if at all, since the single lipstick style pickup model that I have. I also have a '55 Danelectro Pioneer Model Amp that is 10 or 15 watts maybe and it has a 12" speaker. There is no wood in the cabinet (or box)it is all made of press board.  

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