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HELP: With Trying A Different Rectifier Tube

10/24/2000 4:46 PM
HELP: With Trying A Different Rectifier Tube
I have an old '66 BFSR. I like to play where this amp comes to vocal life ... at the threshold of distortion with this amp (usually 5 or more on the volume control) but the problem with this is when it's a smaller room or venue, that's too loud to reasonably play.  
I read that you can swap the 5AR4 rectifier with a 5V4 and be able to achieve this at a lower volume level.  
My question is that if I do this, is this swap a simple tube change, or is there additional modification required, and if so, what needs to be done to accomplish this without "smokin" my amp?  
Thank You In Advance For Your help!  

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