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Question about R.G.'s DIY Probe

10/21/2000 4:00 AM
Question about R.G.'s DIY Probe
I would like to know the wattage of the 1ohm resistors that are used in the shematic.  
I asked today for 1watt 1ohm 1% resistors, and I didn't look at them at the shop.  
They have this color code: brown-black-gold-gold.  
Isn't that a 5% tolerance?  
I thought they should have the brown for the 1% tolerance.  
10/21/2000 4:13 AM

It's being a bit difficult for me to find a 200mv display...  
What other range for the display / resistor value could I use?  
Does Circuit Specialists have an online shop?  
(I live in Europe...)  
Thanks again.  

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