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Re: Early vs. late silverface Vibro Champ

10/19/2000 2:25 PM
Re: Early vs. late silverface Vibro Champ
I have a SF non-vibro Champ that still has the small BF power xfmr and BF style 1watt 470ohm resistor as well as a white Mallory bypass cap on the 6V6. It does have the SF 40/20/20 filter cap values but is composed of a (1969 date code) 20/20/20/20 tall size filter can with two sections paralleled instead of the shorter 20/20/20 on my BFVC. Also has the ugly brown tone & coupling caps, all plastic color coded wire except for the cloth on the power xfmr.  
later SF have a 2watt 470 and a paper bypass on the 6V6, almost all white plastic wiring but still cloth power xfmr on a 1977 issue, with the bigger power xfmr. Also a more modern type of blue film caps on the board.  
Hope this helps,  

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