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Homebrew Super Twin distorting!!!!!!!!!!!

2/3/2001 7:43 PM
Homebrew Super Twin distorting!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi there,  
I am building a new homebrew amp for my cousin.I choose to build him a super twin (blackface).Well i built the amp but i am getting some really strange sounds like gzik gzik when i try to play.BUT when i connect ther preamp out to my mixing console the preamp plays wonderful.Then i try to send a sound to the amp input (without the preamp) from my mixing console it sounds also wonderful.then i tried to connect the preamp to my mixing console and take the output from my mixing console to amp in and the gzik gzik were gone.I have double checked everything and i cant find whats wrong.It really drives me crazy.  
Thanx in advance  
2/4/2001 1:44 AM
I don't know what's wrong with your amp.  
I'm just curious, no disrespect intended, but why did you chose to clone a Super Twin? Aren't those the 150 watt 2 x 12" combos with the bank or EQ knobs and a formidable row of about six 6L6's? I guess they would sound great with pedal steel, but I've never met anyone so knocked out with the tone they would bother to clone one. What's the application?  
2/4/2001 2:34 AM
Yes this is the 150 watt combo with...
Yes this is the 150 watt combo with 6 6L6 but the clone i built is about 50 watts.This clone iis going to be used for recording.Anyway in a few weeks i am starting a new amp with 8 6L6 its going to be about 200watt, imagine the sound, the tone, the tone, the tone.The preamp will be mesa boogie type something like dual recto.Can't wait the output transformer.
2/4/2001 3:01 AM
Matthew Springer
Backward tank?
Just some thoughts  
Did you bias the amp correctly? The Gzk gzk when you strum could be really extreme crossover.  
Check the cables on the reverb tank. Make sure the tak is plugged in the right way round.  
2/4/2001 4:24 PM

Dear Matthew,  
The voltages are correct.Checki out your self Bias:35mA Plates:470v and screens:450v.I think that the output xformer is fault.I took it from an old pa amp which used 2 el34 in pp for 100watts class b.I dont use reverb in this amp though
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