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Other sources for chassis?

1/4/2001 2:52 PM
Paul Gosselin
Other sources for chassis?
Hey Guys,  
Besides Hammond, who else makes reasonably-priced steel or aluminum chassis that can be used in amp construction?  
What I'm looking for is something 17" X 8" X 2". Unfortunately, Hammond doesn't make anything that size.  
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1/4/2001 3:42 PM

I might have a few light weight, generic chassis close to that size.  
Try too  
1/4/2001 6:59 PM
Andrew M

Hammond does make a 16" x 8" x 2" chassis in steel and aluminum. Do you need that exact size?  
1/4/2001 7:21 PM

AES at the link that Bruce supplied also has some aluminum chassis made by some other manufacturer in a 17x8x2 for $16.00 AES part number P-H120. I have used a couple of these myself and they are just as sturdy as the Hammond (I have used Hammonds too). Hammond also has a 17x10x3 but that is kinda big.  
Good Luck,  
1/4/2001 11:07 PM
Paul Gosselin

Yeah, I just got the AES catalog at home and saw it. It looked promising. However, that particular chassis doesn't come with a baseplate.  
What did you use for the baseplate on yours?  
FYI I'm building my amp in an old Mesa/Boogie combo cabinet. That's why the particular dimensions. Maybe I could go a little smaller on the width and just hide the difference behind a faceplate. But I'd like to keept it as close as possible to what Boogie put in there.  
1/5/2001 12:21 AM

By baseplate I assume you mean the "cover plate". I used one of these chassis (actualy a 17X7 that they no longer have)in a DIY Tweed Bassman clone, so I used the same brass stock I made the faceplate from. But you could always get a Hammond 17x10 cover and just trim it to fit. For most amps, you really don't need to have one. A couple of my amps have and a couple don't.  
1/5/2001 5:27 PM
Paul Gosselin

Yes, I meant cover plate.  
Actually, in my case, I have to have one. The controls are on the front of the amp. So that means the chassis is not mounted upright as in a tweed amp. So where the cover plate is is where I would have to mount the tube sockets.  
I think trimmimg the Hammond cover makes the most sense. Thanks.  

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