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tweed amp kits

1/4/2001 12:25 AM
tweed amp kits
Has any one tried the tweed deluxe kit from obsolete technologies ? The go for $750 and include everything except cab and speaker. Is there any other source for such a kit. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks, JCS
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1/4/2001 2:28 AM

STF Electrnics has a Tweed Deluxe kit with everything except the speaker and cabinet for around $340.00 if my memory serves me. That includes a chrome Weber chassis, transformers, tubes, small parts etc, etc. If you purchase the kit from him (Pat Bunn) he will also sell you the Tweed cabinet and a speaker for a very reasonable price if you are interested.  
1/4/2001 2:57 AM

Thanks for the info, that sounds reseanable, I,m going to check there sight now. Thanks again, JCS
1/4/2001 4:24 AM

When check in and ask about the tweed Deluxe kit, see if he "really" has any tweed cabinets and make sure you don't end up being on MOJO's cabinet makers "list of thing to do"... someday.  
By the way, you can get that same 5E3 tweed Deluxe chrome chassis and eyelet card from WeberVST for about $80.00, then source your own parts and trannies and probably do very very well.  
1/7/2001 10:08 PM
Steve F

Good point, Bruce. I ordered some  
vinyl and grille cloth from STF,  
and the initial shipment, the vinyl,  
came direct from Mojo. The grille  
cloth came later because Mojo did  
not have it in stock when I ordered.  
This was right around the time that  
Mojo was having all their difficulties.  
I was not unhappy with the service, but  
am just adding my .02 regarding how he  
probably operates with regard to inventory.  
I imagine if he doesn't stock things like  
Tolex, that cabinets would be asking a lot.  
1/8/2001 3:48 AM
Winnie Thomas

I've had very good service from Andy Turner, The current owner of Mojo. He even connected me to his cabinet builder to get some dimensions for building the new cabinet for my BFSR.  
1/8/2001 4:53 AM
Steve F

I've not dealt with Mojo directly,  
since I'm not in the trade I have  
to go thru dealers like STF, which  
is what I was referring to.  
I'm glad to hear that Andy has things  

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