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Re: trainwreck clone goes to a gig

10/1/2000 1:21 PM
Hawkeye Re: trainwreck clone goes to a gig
Hi Don,  
where can I get schematics for Trainwrecks? Ięm planning on building an amp from scratch, but yet I donęt know what type I should go for...  
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10/1/2000 5:09 PM
Steve A.

where can I get schematics for Trainwrecks?  
    I've put together a "library" file in the Adobe Acrobat format which collects some of the rumored designs along with some actual amps built by DIY-ers:  
    If you can't open PDF files there is a link on my home page to the Adobe site where you can download the Acrobat Reader for free. (This file would be 3 or 4 times larger if the drawings were in GIF format...)  
--Good luck!  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. BW has built his own version of the Express with some interesting twists. I think he just moved it because I can't seem to find it on his site...   :(  
10/1/2000 10:22 PM

Thanks Steve, I was going to send him your way because that is where I got the idea to build what I did thanks for the info. DonJ

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