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Q107 FM Electra

2/11/2001 5:39 PM
Aharon Q107 FM Electra
I just completed my second project in just as many days,the Electra.I did a mod version just because I didn't have some of the resistors,for example 10k intead of 47k,470K for the 2.2M and 100 ohm for the 680 ohm.Sounds great from the get go but I can hear a faint FM station when I'm not playing,how can I ghet rid of this?.Thanks to all,AC>  
PS: I did use shielded wire to wire the jacks and the construction is point to point.
2/11/2001 7:56 PM

You can try a small value capacitor (10pf-22pf) from the input to ground to filter out the highest frequencies.
2/11/2001 9:42 PM
Thanks Aron,I'll try that today and see how it goes.AC>
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