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Germanium transistors

2/11/2001 3:32 AM
Aharon Germanium transistors
I got some germaniums and I'd like to know if they are good candidates for a FF.I cross refferenced at NTE and they came out for the2SB173B=NTE102A and for the 2SB171B=NTE158.The replacement pinout is TO-1,do they correspond to the old ones?.Thanks,AC.
2/11/2001 5:56 AM
Joe Gagan

I am not sure about the pinout from Nte, but those 2Sbs usually have a dot [red or black] for the collector, and the middle is base.  
Provided they are not leaky [read Rg Keen's info on FFs and testing for leaky germaniums], those will be very nice for a Fuzz Face.  
It is always a good idea to use the 10K trimpot instead of the 8.2K resistor at the collector of Q2.  
There are also more biasing options available on Aron Nelson's Hornet. I always like a silicon and germanium mix , personally.  
2N3906 or eqiv on Q1 and 2SBxxx etc on Q2.  
Then you can build two fuzzes with the germaniums you have.
2/11/2001 2:27 PM
Thanks Joe,they do have a red dot.I'll test for leakage.Cheers.AC.
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