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Re: Wire strippers

2/11/2001 7:58 PM
Re: Wire strippers
I heard these are the ultimate. Supposed to be killer for stripping wire due to the melting of insulation.
2/11/2001 2:44 PM
Andrew G If anyone is is a link
Here is the link to Ideal Industries Inc.  
The picture shows yellow handles, but mine are red.  
cat number 45-121
2/11/2001 3:02 PM
Pete Galati

Yep, that definatly looks like what's in the Sears catalog. Thanks. I'm pretty sure Sears just has companies make tools for them that all ready know the tool making business, because Sears is just retailers anyhow, I doubt that they've actually ever made anything themselves.
2/11/2001 3:10 PM

The "Strip Master" from that idealindustries site is the kind they had at the electronics lab where I worked (I didn't do any electronics, I had a makeshift computer on a trolly for programming).  
Anyone try this automatic kind?  
2/11/2001 10:07 PM

For the gauge wire we're using for pedals I just use a lighter. About a second over the flame and the insulation pulls right off. Anything larger than 18 gauge wire and its back to wire strippers.  
For anybody using solid wire, the lighter method is especially helpful since its the "nicks" from strippers that cause solid wire to break so easily.  
Take care, Jered
2/11/2001 10:47 PM

I got my pair from work. They have an adjustable head that has a V shaped slots in the. Just adjust the depth, close the jaws and strip away.  
Very handy.  
As for doing it with you teeth, no a very good idea. Give it a few years of doing this and it will wear a little grooves in your teeth. I used to love Icecream...  
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