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Re: Wire strippers

2/11/2001 4:56 AM
Re: Wire strippers
I got my T-stripper at Sears and it works like a charm.  
2/11/2001 5:44 AM
Pete Galati

  "I got my T-stripper at Sears and it works like a charm.  
Sears?   Ok, I looked in a Sears Hardware catalog (1998-1999) and they have wire strippers that more or less fit Andrew's desciption of the T-strippers, other than the fact that the sears stripper that does 16-26 ga has a yellow handle instead of red.    My guess is that even though they don't say they're T-strippers, that they actually are.  
I have a Sears hardware store about 5 or 6 blocks away from me, I'll have to pay them a visit.  
2/11/2001 7:14 AM

I just use the standard wire stripper. I went through several of them until I found one that stayed where it should be and worked.
2/11/2001 9:56 AM
Oskar Bruil

I do this with my teeth actually, the best wirestripper ever! Learn it and its more precise than any tool (you can determin stripped lenght with your tongue) Its quite easy once you know how and you can never forget your tool this way :)  
2/11/2001 12:43 PM
Gilles C

---)I do this with my teeth actu  
---)and you can never forget your tool this way ally  
Yeah... until the day where you don't have any more teeth :-)  
That happenned to my father, a long long time ago. He was using his teeth to open bottles of beers and all. Well not anymore, the're all gone now... :-()  
2/11/2001 7:35 PM

I actually have a "dent" in the end of one of my teeth from doing this (and a few other things) over the years. A handy tool, yes, but it's not one worth "wearing out."
2/11/2001 2:34 PM
paul pery (Frostwave )

I used to see ads in USA electronic mags for a kind of hot (?nichrome notched blade) device that you put the wire in & the heat melts the plastic & you just pull the wire out. Looked simple, anyone seen or used one of these?  
(personally I use those complicated looking ones, they call them T-Rex here in Oz)
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