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2x12V batteries

2/4/2001 5:22 AM
Gilles C
2x12V batteries
Hi 24V lovers,  
I bought two 12V batteries today with a batt. holder smaller than the size of of 9V battery.  
That's GP23A batteries (type N).  
They have a 38ma capacity, which is less than 9V batteries, but for low current circuits, it could be something to try. That's 24V in a small size.  
Here is the company's site anyway:  
I have a small aluminium box that I wanted to use for a distortion circuit but it's too small for a 9V battery... Now I can try it (in the style of the Orange compressor) and I'll see how long this battery can last.  
BTW, I bought the battery holder with a 9V clip style... nothing to modify.  
I just had to tell somebody... :-)  
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