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Re: more

1/25/2001 6:50 PM
ed guidry Re: more
Hmm, that sounds like a transistor muff. I had one some time back, didn't care for the sound, except for the very high sustain tones, and I thought my RAT did better at that, so I sold it, but not for enough, because thanks to the pumpkins, everyone wants one of these now.
1/25/2001 10:35 PM

Ięve seen on the web picture of Billy Corganęs pedalboard.  
What's the address?
1/26/2001 7:55 PM

It was some moths ago, but this link( is probably dead now.  
1/25/2001 6:31 PM
Re: Kendrick Buffalo Pfuz
Why don't you draw it out if you have time?  
Should be interesting.
1/25/2001 9:34 PM
Buffalo Pfuz Look here !
1/25/2001 10:11 PM

That was fast!  
1/25/2001 10:29 PM
Sound test, wow its a good fuzz
I can't believe I did all that and I never even bothered to plug it in and take a listen.  
well, it sounds really really good, if not great. Here at the house in my test rig anyway, which is a good indicator.  
It has a lot of sustain, nice creamy fuzz, the delicate balance between attack and compression is excellent.  
Upper harmonics like to jump out when pick attack is increased.  
It falls somewhere between a Bmuff and a fuzz face in sound.  
the eqing is a little on the bassy side, which is how I like a fuzz anyway. Some of you may want a little brighter input cap.  
the clean boost is ok. I found it a little bassy, which I don't like in a clean boost. It also ran out of headroom at pretty low boost levels, and the breakup isn't nearly as pretty as a LPB1,Rangemaster or F Clark mosfet boost.  
I would say to you, build one [easy], see if you don't agree with these findings.  
Are any of you familiar with the 941 opamp?

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