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Kendrick Buffalo Pfuz

1/25/2001 3:54 PM
Kendrick Buffalo Pfuz
Borrowed one of these to test, my friend said it would be ok to take it apart and have a peek.  
From the fuzz name, and Kendrick's rep for vintage-based tone,I was expecting a trans type fuzzz.  
Nope, it's an opamp [NTE941] design. Very simple, no buffers.  
Two diodes, regulated by a pot in the feedback loop. Only one stage of the opamp is used. There is a clean boost mode that removes the diodes from the loop.  
.047uf in put cap.  
The construction and parts are very good.  
After live testing this week, I will check it out further if the tone warrants it.
1/25/2001 4:15 PM
Joe one of my fav fuzzes is opamp based  
1/25/2001 4:29 PM
Question for Gusnonymous
Hi Gus!  
So , yes I am curious. what fuzz is it?
1/26/2001 11:46 PM

Joe Hotmail has been having problems did you get my email?
1/25/2001 4:22 PM
It occured to me that it is basically an opamp version of a little muff or muffer, with a volume on the diode loop!  
I will also be testing a Mesa Blue Angel this week, live .
1/25/2001 5:09 PM
Ed Guidry

I read somewhere that the sound on "Siamese Dram" by the Smashing Pumpkins was recorded with an opamp Big Muff. That's interesting, because everyone is trying to get the magic sound out of the original discrete transistor one.
1/25/2001 6:19 PM

Ięve seen on the web picture of Billy Corganęs pedalboard.  
There was chrome BIG MUFF with red name on the front of pedal, without led indicator, with sheep picture on the corner of the pedal. This is the opamp Big muff?  
Or how looks this opamp version?  

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