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Stingray preamp schematic

1/22/2001 8:22 PM
Stingray preamp schematic
Does anybody know where I could get the schematic for the preamp in a MM Stingray?  
I'd be happy if anyone might help me!  
1/22/2001 8:37 PM

I have been wondering the same thing. I have a stingray 3 knob model , I would love to draw it up , but it is pawned. That is a GREAT sounding preamp for bass.  
I do have a preamp schematic from an active Fender bass[Jbass special preamp] , a substitute, but I have no idea how close it is to the holy mother, the MM st-ray
1/22/2001 9:01 PM

Joe,what I'm after is the two knob model actually .A friend of mine asked me if I could replace the preamp of his Fender P-bass. I didn't have a look at his beloved Stingray yet, but from what he told me you can look at the circuit easily in his. If noone else would know where to get the schematic I'll try to trace it out and send it to you.  
P.S.:Thank you for the schematic of the J-bass preamp. Probably these two aren't that different. I think I remember somebody told me that the MM preamps were also using a TL072.
1/23/2001 4:02 AM
Music Man parts on the doubleneck?
Bernd, I found a way early MM stingray at my local Music Go Round. It is the two knobber, probably late 70s.  
These guys are my buddies, I sell a lot there, and do repairs for them, so I am sure they would let me open it up long enough to draw it out. Let me know if y'all are interested.  
I was in a hurry when I posted the JBass specal preamp link, so I didn't have time to really see what it was all about.  
I am STRONGLY considering taking the neck, bridge, pickup/preamp off of my Stingray [when I get it back from the pawnman] and mounting it on my Doubleneck. I want the bass on my dblneck to sound as good as the Stingray, which it currently doesn't.
1/23/2001 8:13 AM

Friends have told me that Ernie Ball is quick to respond to schematic requests through email.  
Take care, Jered

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