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Re: Rat tone mods ?

1/21/2001 3:51 PM
Re: Rat tone mods ?
When you jump the 1,5k resistor in tone section, this mod will make more highs when tone pot is up full.  
When you need even more highs, try decrease this 3,3n (to the ground after 1,5k resistor)cap to 2,2 or less.  
I tried this mod with resitor on my Rat and it works good. Mainly in less distorted sounds.  
I have on my homemade RAT rotary switch with four modes/sounds:  
1. no shunting diodes, but three diodes(as in Boss Super Overdrive)in feedback loop of opamp.(parallel with Distortion Pot-this I have 250k).  
Feedback loop diodes is only on first mode.  
2. Two shunting Si dodes-1N4148-original Rat combo.  
3. Two Leds-shunting-Turbo Rat combo  
4. No diodes  
I love this thing.  
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1/21/2001 4:19 PM
Questions to Tonda
Hi Tonda!  
You mentioned LEDs. I'd like to try red LEDs. Isn't there a huge increase in gain if you switch from 1N4148 to red LEDs?  
How do the red LEDs sound?  
Why have you put the Boss Superdrive diode combination in the feedback loop?  
Didn't they sound ok shunting to ground?  
1/21/2001 9:10 PM

Sounds of this modes on my rotary switch have not the same volume.  
And every sound different.  
Mode 1 is lowest.  
Mod 4 have highest volume.  
Between these is really increase in output volume,  
but I donęt change it during the song.  
Shunting diodes sounds O.K., every combination sounds different.  
Diodes in feedback loop was only my experiment.  
I started to like this sound, and I maked this mod to my pedal.  
Sounds it clearer and is it more pick-sensitive.  
If original RAT is called "Distortion", with this mod is it soft clipping "Overdrive".  
But I like every all four sounds.  
I have Red Leds on TurboRat mode, like on the original Turbo Rat.I have my own orignal ProCo  
Turbo Rat pedal, and it sounds in the same way, except on Homemade Rat( I called this MultiRat) is more gain, because of the  
highest Distortion pot value.  
1/22/2001 11:42 AM
Re: Rat tone mods ?
I've just just changed the diodes to one si and one ge and raised the value of the tone cap .This thing sounds better than my mates factory Rat!!  
I'm mounting it in a Lemon Drop lolly [sweet] tin. The tin is round 100mm by 40mm. It would be alright for home use probably not heavy footed stage use. anyway Cheers Ken.

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