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Components with tiny labels

1/17/2001 1:26 AM
loauc Components with tiny labels
I'm looking for a powerful magnifying glass (more than 10x) for reading labels on tiny components. I've been very happy with my 6x mag glass but sometimes I'm blind as a gopher and will be happy if anybody could give me some advice where to get a really powerful magnifying glass.  
thank you.
1/17/2001 3:44 PM
opinion on 1/8 watt resistors & Steve D suggestion
I have found that a really bright light helps with reading this stuff. Maybe you could go to a jeweler's supply for a 'whatchacallit' that they look at diamonds with.  
Speaking of small parts, do any of our experts have any idea whether 1/8 W resistors are OK in normal guitar effect circuits? I have a lot of parts boards in the junk pile that could yield some resistors if I could use them.  
Even at 1.60 per hundred, I am still too cheap to outfit myself with the whole assortment of resistors I would be needin'.  
Or does someone stock a variety pack with all the cool values?  
Steve D- stocklist idea? Do a cap starter pack, and a resistor starter pack? You are such a great resource for beginners, I bet it would be a big seller. It would also probably simplify your order filling chores, as people would be ordering less of the individual parts [set up an assembly line style method of making the starter kit, or sub that out to your suppliers if possible].  
I started out with the 1/4 watt resistor variety pack from The Shack, but there were some big gaps in their selections.
1/17/2001 4:17 PM
Jay Doyle

Here, I've got to recommend Jameco, they sell resistor, mylar, electrolytic and ceramic cap "sets" you can get them with or without a thirty tray case to hold them, the kits themselves are about $20 for caps and $15 for the resistors (don't quote me on that though). The only complaint I had was that the resistor set didn't have a lot of 1M's.  
ALthough, if Steve had the patients to put these together, I surely would buy from him.  
Jay Doyle
1/17/2001 8:39 PM

I've been wanting to do kits since.... forever.  
I was initially wanting to do a PCB+parts for each project - but do you really think that people would buy a generic cap+resistor+IC+etc... kit?  
What I wanted to do, and may still consider it, is a kit for each of my projects - with the same exact components I used. That way, they are going to get pretty darn close to the proto.  
We will see.  
1/17/2001 7:09 PM
Steve Daniels (Small Bear Electronics)
Re: Help Wanted In Brooklyn
Resistor and capacitor kits are a good idea, thanks! Unfortunately, I don't have time to create them (and my time is too expensive). If I can find someone here willing to do kitting for me, I would add that to a long list of support jobs that I need done. I've been giving all my attention to getting orders filled so that inventory gets paid for. Once that is accomplished, I hope to give more attention to farming out some of my office and packing jobs.  
By the way, I'm getting hookup wire. It took me a while to line up a supplier, but I think it will be worth it all the way around. Details soon.
1/18/2001 12:02 AM
Re: opinion on 1/8 watt resistors & Steve D suggestion
I know jaycar ( sells a good resistor starter kit for about $10 aust ($5 US). They have about 5 of each value up to about 2M2 I think. Then there's also another one (which is about $40 I think), which includes a little tray of all values which about 5 of each. For the ones I use a lot I normally just buy them in bulk and save a few dollars (like the 1M,s 10K's, 1K's etc)  
But look around, most electronics stores have resistor kits. I normally stay away from the cap kits as they usally don't have the values that are needed, or not enough. Sometimes they're okay for stocking up, but generally I just buy them in bulk as well  
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