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another new one

1/16/2001 12:39 PM
zachary vex another new one
in a mad rush, with only moments before i get on the plane (i have one half hour to sleep) i stayed up all night and made a midi clock interface for the seek-wah. whew. three new products. one week. my fingers are bleeding and i have lead poisoning and i am coughing up pieces of rosin, but i feel good. jason painted a white-on-white box for the snowbox. the ooh-wah is peach and sky blue, and the midi interface is engine block orange, literally. it's the only stuff he had that would dry fast enough.  
zachary vex
1/16/2001 3:29 PM

Hey, can you post a photo of you sleepin in the booth here at Aron's forum? That would be fun.
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