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transistor ID?

1/14/2001 12:49 AM
transistor ID?
G'day all, I've just opened up an old VW car radio and found a few tin can type trannies. I was just wandering what they are and would they be usefull.The numbers are AS313, AS300, 2N408.  
Cheers Ken.
1/14/2001 12:18 PM
Rob Strand

I don't have any info at my finger tips but I'm sure you could use them. Measure the gains, the RF transistors might be a little low for some of the effects circuits. Measure Vbe, Vcb using the diode test on your multimeter, silicon's will be around 0.6V and germaniums < 0.4V (could vary). Also, when you use them, just keep an ear open for noise (hiss), if it's too high try another.  
I used to use those ASxxx transistors from old equipment when I was a boy. They looked like BC548/558 with an aluminium cap over them.  
If I find more I'll let you know, maybe someone else has the data handy.  
1/14/2001 3:34 PM
JoeGagan Re: transistor ID/ ECG reference site
According to the ECG cross reference thing at their website [],that 2N408 crosses to an ECG 102A, A Ge PNP tranny. Time to build a Fuzz Face or Rangemaster! The other two part #s came up with no match at ECG.  
What year VW radio is it? I will be on the lookout.  
The NTE and ECG websites are great resources for Xreference info. I've learned a lot, and successfully substituted a lot of trannies using these sites.NTe is at:  
Good luck!
1/14/2001 10:04 PM
JoeGagan ECG Link and File
That ECG link didn't come up right- it is:  
They also have a Zipfile downloadabe version of the entire crossreference chart [Big list]. Each ECG part contains a brief description of the part type and characteristics.  
It is set up like as one big long list, pretty easy to use.  
So you can have a Xref file without even going online.
1/14/2001 10:41 PM
JoeGagan NTE site not working for me
For the last 12 hours, I can't get into the NTE site. [That's what prompted me to search for ECG]  
Anybody else having this problem?
1/15/2001 6:57 AM
Re: transistor ID?
Thanx all for your replies. I picked up the radio's at a flea market for $4. There were 10 Ge trans in the two, four of which have the right gain for the fuzzface and the Rangemaster. I rebuilt my RM with a Ge tran and what differance it makes from having a si in there.  
Cheers Ken.
1/15/2001 4:08 PM

No kidding, I tried a 2N3906 Si in place of the 2SB172 Ge in the RM, and I really preferred the organic grind and more interesting character of the Ge.  
Brian May is supposedly using a Si version for many years now though.  
So , Ken what year is that VW radio?
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