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eric johnson tone....

1/13/2001 12:44 AM
eric johnson tone....
hey guys i got a tube driver early bk butler version and i play it thru a roland jazz chorus  
with a les paul custom it really kicks ass  
i know it has been said they work better thru a tube amp but this is the question erics tone seems so smooth when he solos on say venus isle or with alien love child group on " shape i'm in " HIS sound is so awesome and i would like to get closer to that tone i am in no way even close to eric's  
caliber of playing but he inspires me to try  
if any of you have had success with certain pedals that get you close please respond any advise would be appreciated thanks rick
1/13/2001 2:06 AM
As far as I know, Eric use a Tube Screamer and a Fuzzface. The amp is an old Marshall Plexi.  
Donęt forget the fact that his playing is smooth.  
1/13/2001 2:14 AM
His smoothness speed and his precise picking style have alot to do with it.  
He's one of those guys that is very recognizable. I think no matter what tone he uses you'll always know it's him.  
I know this doesn't answer your question but it's just my $0.02.  
Good luck in your quest for tone.
1/13/2001 2:50 AM
Andrew G

Acording to Guitar One Mag. Feb 2001 issue. The one with Dave Mustaine on the front cover.  
Eric's live setup is:  
2 A/B switches. The A side of box 1 goes to a 50-watt Marshall half stack(lead). The B side goes to the second A/B switch, which gives him 2 choices for rhythm.  
A/B switch two, channel A (clean) activates 2 Fender Deluxe reverb amps. The B (dirty) to another Marshall 50-Watt half stack.  
Echoplex and T.C Electronics Stereo chorus (used with the Fenders)  
Arbiter Fuzz Face to the dirty rhythm Marshall  
BK Butler Tube Driver (from the mid 80s) and a wah wah pedal to the lead Marshall.  
Hope this helps.  
Andrew G
1/13/2001 12:54 PM
JD Sleep

In addition to what everyone else said, I believe his use of the echo unit is key to his sound. It makes his fast, smooth playing sound even faster and smoother than it really is. It doesn't have to be an Echoplex. Use your bridge pickup into a heavy fuzz and then into an echo unit set to two or three fairly quick repeats, that should get you fairly close to his lead sound without going into the minor nuances. Let your lightening fast fingers do the rest.  
1/13/2001 9:56 PM

thanks guys , you really have been a help .  
i've got an older boss dsd sampler delay and it  
worked just fine two slap back echo's with a hint of chorus for clear tones and i'm now using a tube  
driver not overly distorted it really cleaned up my  
sound i guess tone is such a subjective thing every one has their own sort of magic settings  
i'm looking to build a version of the fuzz face  
thats not to fly buzz that killer hendrix tone  
i just finished my first pedal now i need to mod it  
trim pots to get that sound.  
thanks everyone , i love . this forum  
1/16/2001 1:29 AM
Ed Rembold

I know, I know....  
But is it possible that the Fuzz Face is  
used for lead,  
and the Tube Driver for rhythm.  
(yes, I know what's been printed, but you can't always believe what the Pro's say, EVH for example,  
For you fans of E.Johnson- What's your opinion based on what you hear??)  
Thanks, Ed R.
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