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Re: Speaking of Eruption.....

1/9/2001 8:27 AM
Joe Gagan
Re: Speaking of Eruption.....
I met a woman a few years ago [a nice hippy girl], she said she had NEVER eaten any McDonald's food. She was serious. I questioned her for like, 10 minutes , astonished and confused.  
How many people can claim that?
1/9/2001 12:56 PM

There are some who have never had a beer either.....assuming that they are of adult-beverage drinking age.  
Imagine that, no beer......  
mmmmmm, sweet, sweet beer......  
1/9/2001 1:26 PM
paul perry (Frostwave P/L)

Thinking about it, I'm over 50 & I've never had a beer. But, I dont need to, because I can swear, throw up & fall over when I'm sober. I dont mind a gin&tonic, though.
1/9/2001 2:13 PM
Sharon Needles

I know an audio engineer in Detroit, MI  
who has NEVER eaten cold cereal & milk -or- popcorn !  
Hell of a great guitar player, tho  
(In spite of those damn single coil p/u's !!)  
Never is a weird place; nice to visit -  
But I wouldn't wanna live there.
1/9/2001 6:20 PM

My daughter has never eaten a hamburger. It's true!  
I can't believe it myself. Of course I don't see it lasting for very long...
1/9/2001 6:55 PM
Joe Gagan
Are you a vegetarian? I was for years, still don't eat red meat. How old is your daughter?
1/9/2001 6:59 PM

No, I am not. She is only 6 but still...... I guess it doesn't look tasty :-)

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