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Transistor Substitution

1/8/2001 10:11 PM
Transistor Substitution
I've been looking for a 2N5088 or 2N5089 transistor for my Big Muff I'm making. I can't find them anywhere (I live in Australia) . Can anyone suggest alternative transistors that will work.  
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1/8/2001 10:43 PM

Steve is just building up an incredible inventory!
1/9/2001 2:13 AM
Steve Daniels (Small Bear Electronics)
And Postage To Australia Is Down...
Thanks, Aron!  
I can send a pound to the Pacific for $5.00!! The P.O. here has started quoting a "surface mail" (read - boat) flat rate for parcels, and they are quoting 7 days delivery. This changes the economics of buying from here almost as much as PayPal did.  
Aussies, EnZees, Folks in Japan: I welcome your inquiries! If I don't stock it, I'll order it. I will be updating my site shortly with new postage rates and a standard fee for special orders to simplify pricing.  
Good On Yer, Mate!  
1/9/2001 1:09 PM
paul perry (Frostwave P/L)

That's pretty impressive Dave, seeing as how when I ship stuff to USA by airmail, it can take two weeks!! When I used to tour the US buying books & shipping back to Aust surface, it used to take  
around 6 weeks (and up to 12!)
1/9/2001 4:11 AM
edT Re: Transistor Substitution
i had good luck with BC549c's.... high gain... and sounds good in the BMP circuit.  
you should be able to get it in Oz... it should be pretty common over here at the other end... ;)  
have fun...
1/10/2001 2:19 AM

Jaycar carry transistors (numbered PN100 or similar) which are meant to be "substitutes" for many transistor types, checkout These subs might be lower gain, but in a BMP it mightn't matter anyway.  
1/10/2001 12:18 PM
paul perry (Frostwave P/L)

The Jaycar (Australia) catalog has a 'transistor pack' ZT-2170 100 mixed BC series transistors, (including 20 of BC549) for $11.44

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