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Real World line out for tube amps.

11/22/2000 3:36 AM
Joe Gagan
Real World line out for tube amps.
Somewhat related to the attenuator topic, my brother Tim has posted a how-to on building a good line out for running a 2nd amp out of a champ, deluxe etc for more volume. He has developed a very workable setup where the 2nd amp's volume control is still useful in its' entire range. His guitar tone is KILLER with this setup.  
Flip to AMPAGE guitar amps forum, scroll down to "Bill B's playing live,etc." it's all there.  
Go check out our site for info/schematic on Tim's homemade 'mini-marshall' 20 watt tone monster. Sorry, the schem is a little blurry, but I can send a mailed copy to anyone who wants it.
11/22/2000 7:35 AM
Frank Clarke
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