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stocking stuffer multimeter

11/14/2000 2:01 AM
stocking stuffer multimeter
Just bought a small multimeter from Hosfelt Electronics. It is about the size of a smokey amp, has a 3.5 digit lcd display, mulitple ranges (but not autoranging), and a diode test and transistor tester built in. And the price was only $7.95. Probably not the best little tester in the world, but a great deal as a spare or a starter meter for somone getting ready to take the plunge into this hobby. The part number is DVM810 Shipping is actual shipping charge plus $1. The web site can be a little cumbersome to navigate, so use the toll free phone number if the item is hard to find. 1-888-264-6464
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11/14/2000 9:39 AM

I think I bought that one, but was around $13.95 when I bought it. Nice and works.  
My first one had a problem with the dial, but the 2nd one was perfect.

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